Snow on the Mountains

I awoke today to this glorious view from my window. The sun was high in an almost clear blue sky and the mountains were topped in crisp white snow. The air was cool and fresh, and last night’s howling wind and driving rain were long forgotten. I flung the windows wide to air the house, and stood outside with Monty to breathe deep. It was soul food. Beautiful. And cold!

It is a strange time between Christmas and New Year, but much, much more so for me this year. It is quiet, eerily so, as a result of the imposed lockdown that many of us are enduring. Christmas day for us was not far different from normal, except perhaps missing seeing my friends in person at church, and hugging and sharing Christmas goodies. We saw our close family and ate together, and exchanged gifts, love and laughter. But then Boxing Day came and things suddenly felt very flat. On another day where we traditionally see family – often the wider family, to see no-one except my husband and the dog felt strange. Quiet. Wrong. It felt like Christmas was over, and all too soon. I struggled with that.

The snow on the mountains is something we look forward to seeing every year around this time. Being coastal we rarely see snow on the ground, but seeing it on the mountains is a real joy. All the beauty of winter without the sludge, ice and slippery disruption. It reminded me today that although the world might feel like it is in uproar, actually the changing of the seasons, and the beauty creation displays as those seasons change, carries on regardless. It is not affected by the virus, Brexit politics or the media. For me this speaks to my heart of God’s unchanging character and faithfulness. His love and mercy, provision and guidance, peace and joy, are not affected by the events affecting humanity. He is our constant. Always there for us to go to, to recentre ourselves and breathe deep of His life giving presence.

And He so loves to send us daily reminders of His faithfulness in the way of unexpected love gifts. Today that was the encouraging email from a friend, the invitation to join an online quiz, the photo of a friend’s new puppy, and – to top it all, snow on the mountains.

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