‘A newbies adventures in publishing land’… Part 5


Find people to endorse you book. Sounds easy enough. Ask people to read your book, the one you still can’t quite believe is good enough to be published, and tell them that their name, and anything they say, will be in print… so they had better love it!

Panic set it briefly. ‘I know no-one!’ I cried in desperation. Which was blatantly untrue. But was true insomuch as I knew no-one famous, not personally anyway. No celebrity, or person with a notable title. So I did, what I had discovered best to do, and prayed. One by one, names came to mind. Not high fliers, necessarily, but genuine men and women of God that had wisdom and influence. Some were close friends, and they were easy to ask. Others were more acquaintances, but I bit the bullet, and was amazed when they agreed. Even thanking me for asking them! Once more, God did more than I could ask or think, and I was astounded by His ways.

Gallery view of Gauguin and the Impressionists at the Royal Academy of Arts. Photo: © David Parry/ Royal Academy of Arts

I sent off the manuscript, the copy edited one, and waited nervously. When you write, it is like producing any kind of creative art. Waiting for those endorsements felt like it must feel to any artist the first time their work goes on public display. That project that you have poured yourself into, that carries your heart, now exposed to the critical inspection of others. Your work is precious to you, and a large part of you might want to keep it protected, but creative work is supposed to be shared. To inspire and bring joy to others, to celebrate the artist’s talents, and ultimately to give glory to the Creator Himself, the source of all creativity. I knew that once I had signed the publishing contract that The Healing was no longer just mine. Sending it to those select readers took courage, and I steeled myself, humanly hoping for approval, aware there might be criticism, praying most of all that they would be blessed by it, and God honoured.

Before I knew it the endorsements came trickling in. The first brought me to tears in it’s simple description of the story and it’s praise for my writing. And this was from another author, a seasoned one, with more that 45 books to her name. It was so humbling, and so encouraging at the same time. What blessed me most was as the endorsements came in, each was so different. Each picked up on a different aspect of the book that had impacted them. I was so blessed by their heartfelt responses. So thrilled that this little work of mine was already being enjoyed. So thankful to God for His hand in it all.

I genuinely loved all the reviews that I received, but this one has a special meaning, because it absolutely describes the legacy I want my little piece of creative art to leave;

‘What a great book. An engaging story set in a realistic historical context. If you thought living a life of faith was about following a set of cold, joyless rules, have a read of this. Take a look at Philip’s life and journey with him out of the shadows into the radiance of healing grace. Impossible to read without encountering hope.’

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