‘A newbies adventures in publishing land’… Part 7


Yes! My first novel is going to press! Last week I approved the final version of the text that will appear inside the cover, and this week I received the final design for the whole book jacket. Which I absolutely love. Today the email arrived to say that my book files have been sent to the printers.

To say I am excited is an understatement. It feels now that this is really happening. I am really, truly, going to be a published author, with a real book with an ISBN number, and everything! And my name on the cover! In a few short weeks I will be able to hold that book in my hands, touch it, smell it, prop it up on bookshelf to see how it looks alongside other real books… and start sharing it with other people. *

A couple of weeks ago my daughter and son-in-law presented us with a scan picture of our grandbaby. It is beautiful –  tiny feet and hands perfectly formed, and every sign that Baby M is healthy and growing well. I can see my daughter’s expanding belly and touch it, and talk to and pray for the baby. I can buy baby clothes by the cartload and crochet blankets to my heart’s content. These things bring me great joy, but they are barely a shadow of the feeling I will get when I hold my grandbaby in my arms for the very first time. When I can touch soft skin, smell that sweet baby smell, and shower my grandchild with my love and kisses.

I am waiting for the realisation of two great expectations and there is some correlation. Although of course the safe arrival of a baby is far more important than a little book with my name on the cover! Both are good gifts from a loving God. My book was inspired by Him and His redeeming work in my life. I also know my book is going to look good and read well because of all the work my wonderful publishers Instant Apostle have put into it. Our grandbaby is a gift to our family and I believe to the world. I know the baby is going to be beautiful; fearfully and wonderfully made by our heavenly Father (Psalm 139 : 14). Perfectly designed and expertly put together.

So I am waiting. In great joy and expectation. I will soon hold in my hands the evidence of God’s goodness to me and be able to share my book with readers near and far. I will soon hold in my arms yet greater evidence of His goodness to us and I know my grandbaby will bring joy to so many. I seriously cannot wait! I hope you join me in my joy.

*Because we have gone to print earlier than expected The Healing has a new publication date of 19th March, but pre-publication copies will be available direct from me up to a month before then (from 19th Feb, hopefully). These will be available at a slightly reduced price of £9 (RRP £9.99) including postage, and can be personally signed for you.

Please private message me via my Facebook pages, via my website joymargetts.com or via email at joy@margetts if you would like to reserve a copy (or 2!). Thank You!

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