I am a fifty -something wife and mother of two grown children, and have just become a grandmother for the first time. Despite being born and raised in Southern England, I have lived for the last twenty-five years on the gloriously wild and beautiful North Wales coast. I was a nurse and midwife for many years before pursuing other things. I am a committed Christian, and have an active role in local church, spending many hours preparing teaching materials and sermon outlines for use in the church. And in teaching the Word of God myself, to my great delight.

I have always liked expressing myself creatively with words; writing stories, poetry and songs, and journaling extensively as part of my devotional life. I have always wanted to write a book, and have had many ideas over the years, but I have never before been brave enough to write for others. I love study, and teaching, and most especially I love the Word of God.

I have lifelong interest in history, particularly medieval history, and love visiting ancient monuments and ruins, and reading and studying history. I am privileged to live in an area of Wales that is absolutely steeped in history; especially spiritual history, with its old churches, pilgrim routes and holy islands.

Besides writing, I love all things creative, including crochet, baking and card crafting. I am an unapologetic dog lover, and share my home with a feisty Jack Russell cross, who definitely rules the roost. Oh, and with my husband of course, who is the rock and the constant in our lives, and very forgiving when the writing takes over, and his dinner is forgotten!

If you would like to keep up with me, my writing, my life in general, and other books I have enjoyed reading … check out my blog! http://www.joymargetts.com/blog