Published by Instant Apostle in July 2022.

The Pilgrim is a prequel to The Healing, telling Brother’s Hywel’s own story of healing and redemption. Purchase your signed copy here


Driven by ambition and family expectation, young Henry de Brampton is determined to make his mark. Destined for a prestigious career in the Church, he readily embraces the chance to experience the world before taking his vows. But fuelled by selfish desire, he recklessly betrays those he loves, with devastating consequences.

Overwhelmed with guilt, he seeks redemption among the Cistercians of Abbey Cwmhir and finds a new identity as Brother Hywel. Yet a further thoughtless betrayal will prove he cannot escape himself, and he is forced on pilgrimage to save his vocation.

A reluctant pilgrim, can the unlikely company help him discover what it truly means to be great in God’s eyes, and will Hywel ever be willing not just to receive forgiveness but also to forgive himself?


‘A timeless journey of love, loss and redemption played out across a compelling medieval landscape.’ Anne E Bailey, Historian, Oxford University

The Pilgrim is a beautifully set novel, crafted with real compassion, revealing the truth that true pilgrimage happens in the soul, amidst tragedy, miracles and the gift of the peace of God.’ Andrew J Chamberlain, writer, presenter of The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt Podcast