My third full length novel, inspired by a character who first appears in The Healing.

Published by Instant Apostle on 20th October 2023

ISBN 9781912726752

RRP: £11.99

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Lady Efa knows the pain of heartbreak and betrayal. Thrust into a marriage she did not choose, and made mother to three neglected children, she is deserted by the man she loved and forced to leave all she knows behind.   Yet amid bitterness and despair, unexpected friendships introduce Efa to a different kind of love, to a God who promises to turn her painful betrayal into joy-filled belonging. If only she will open her heart to Him, wounds could be healed, relationships restored and more lives than her own transformed.   But when changing circumstances leave her adrift and without purpose, can Efa trust God for another place of belonging? And as her past invades the present, will love’s promises hold true?  

The Bride is a companion story to The Healing, set among the beautiful abbeys and landscapes of Medieval Wales.


A delightful and exquisite read… Joy somehow manages to weave her beautifully written poignant tale into our hearts where it stays and lingers long after the last line is read…


…an incredible gift for storytelling… beautifully written, with wonderful descriptions of the medieval Welsh landscape…  I found myself gripped as I journeyed with each of the characters into a deep and profound understanding and experience of love…


While set many centuries ago, I still found her (Efa’s) growing spirituality and gentle responses to those around her challenging, and was rivetted to the story… It is a delight.


The Bride is a page turner … … but it’s also a place to rest for a while and soak in beautifully written words that will remind you of your own true value. I warmly recommend it.


The Bride pulls the reader into Medieval Wales and into the life of a remarkable woman. We sympathise with her as she makes hard choices, and cheer for her as she faces difficult situations with calm dignity.


The Bride doesn’t shy away from asking the difficult questions, but it also offers hope and reveals deep eternal truths which are as powerful and real today as they were for Efa. This story will resonate with anyone who ever had their heart broken, and all who ask the question ‘Am I loveable?’ As in her previous books, Joy Margetts has drawn on her own deeply personal journey and woven Godly lessons throughout this captivating story. I whole heartedly endorse this book.