The Bride



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When betrayal leads to heartbreak, how will Efa ever learn to love and trust again? How will she adapt to a life she never imagined for herself, and find purpose in it? And how will she respond when she encounters a love greater than any she has ever experienced before?

A companion story to The Healing.


Lady Efa knows the pain of heartbreak and betrayal. Thrust into a marriage she did not choose, and made mother to three neglected children, she is deserted by the man she loved and forced to leave all she knows behind.

Yet amid bitterness and despair, unexpected friendships introduce Efa to a different kind of love, to a God who promises to turn her painful betrayal into joy-filled belonging. If only she will open her heart to Him, wounds could be healed, relationships restored and more lives than her own transformed.

But when changing circumstances leave her adrift and without purpose, can Efa trust God for another place of belonging? And as her past invades the present, will love’s promises hold true?

The Bride is a companion story to The Healing, set among the beautiful abbeys and landscapes of Medieval Wales.

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