‘A newbies adventures in publishing land’… Part 8


I’m tired. In fact that it an understatement. Exhausted might be a better descriptor. I actually find myself saying ‘I’m tired’ quite often as it is fallout of the condition I live with, and my longsuffering husband is used to hearing it. But this week the tiredness is sitting heavy on me. I have realised that it is just as possible to get stressed and overwhelmed by the good things happening in our lives as it is by the bad. And my life is SO GOOD at present. Don’t get me wrong. Every day – waiting in anticipation for my books to arrive – brings new excitement. It might be the arrival of a stack of padded envelopes to wrap my precious books in, the trickling stream of orders to add to my mailing list, or the lovely comments in response to my writing on social media that are so heart warming. Yesterday my book appeared on Amazon.co.uk. Talk about surreal! I’m still pinching myself. Today it was the arrival of the postcards that I had ordered online to help with the publicising of The Healing.

Now that was stressful, ordering and paying for a 1000 postcards, that I had designed myself, without having been able to even see or approve a sample. As the package landed on our doorstep this morning, I admit to hesitating and taking a deep breath before I ventured into the parcel. The relief when I did was immense! I absolutely love the postcards. They are all I wanted them to be. I especially love the fact that when you hold one up it looks like you are holding an actual miniature copy of the book (excellent hand modelling by the previously mentioned longsuffering husband)! I also had a lovely Zoom conversation with a seasoned author this week about how to plan and execute an online book launch. My head is swimming with ideas and I need to get them into some sort of workable plan. I can’t wait to celebrate the publication and public release of the book with you all. And potentially rope some of you in to help…😉

Preparing for the arrival of the physical copies of The Healing, using all the different marketing strategies I am learning, on the hoof, in order to get the book noticed and talked about, keeping up with social media and connecting with helpful people. These things have taken over my life. Other things have been put to one side. I just don’t have the time or energy for them – including the ‘other’ book I am wanting to finish writing. And I am tired. But it is OK. I have learnt over the years that I have lived with tiredness, that there is one thing I cannot do without. And that is going daily to my place of rest. I might have wanted to get up this morning and put all the marketing madness aside, and focus on just writing for the pleasure of it. But I knew that whatever I put aside, I could not put aside reading the Word of God, and sitting in His presence for a while. So I wrote to Him instead, and He listened and spoke back to me through His word. And yet again I knew I would have strength for this day and whatever it held.

You can have your own copy of my beautifully designed postcard for the bargain price of £9 – and that includes postage and packaging, and a free book! How could you resist?!! Message me now to pre-order (not on Amazon or Waterstones– they don’t have the postcards 😉). I will definitely find the energy to add your name to my mailing list! Thank you.

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