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D- DAY! or ‘A newbies adventures in publishing land’… Part 10


Very early in the morning of June 6th 1944 thousands of brave men and women prepared to play their part in a day that would eventually turn the tide of the war in Europe. From what I have read, they faced this day with mixed feelings. Many were actually excited, relieved that the day had come at last, full of anticipation, trained and ready to do their bit. Mixed with that of course the apprehension, the sheer terror, the fear of the unknown, and inevitably the resignation that they might not survive.

Today is my D- Day of sorts. My Delivery Day. It would be insensitive to compare myself in any way to our heroic predecessors, but I admit to experiencing a measure of all the emotions they must have gone through. The last few days, weeks, months, have all built up to this point, and my feelings have ridden the highs and lows of the choppy voyage. Today my books arrive. It is delivery day. No going back. Today I get to hold the book, look at it lovingly, feel it, caress it, smell it (yes, Ruth Leigh, I will smell it!) gaze at wonder at this miracle of a book baby, and it will be REAL. I will finally be able to say ‘I am a published author of adult fiction. Look my name is on the book!’

I am overwhelmingly excited, have been for a long time, and it has absolutely reached it’s peak today. Anticipation of this day has been a constant drain on my emotional energy, and I am incredibly relieved that it has finally come! I am ready for it. The mailing lists, the packaging, address labels, fancy wrappings, perfectly designed postcards. We are ready, poised, our hands ready to wrap, and our car ready to deliver! But I am also ever so slightly terrified too, because today marks the day when my precious baby of a book will actually go out to the far flung corners of the nation (yes, even Scotland!) and people will actually be able to READ it. It is so unsettling, waiting to know if what you have written is going to be considered worthy of the price paid for it. Whether it really is good enough to sit squarely on a bookshelf among other real books. Whether it will bless and encourage, or frustrate and bore. This is the fear of the unknown, and I will take a deep breath with every padded envelope I fill, and pray that the book wings it’s way into the hands of someone who will love it. Or who needs to read it. There is also resignation. I can’t go back now. I have done it. I have written a book, had it published, sold and sent out copies. Whether it is loved or whether it is hated is out of my control. And I will survive. Exhausted maybe, but very much alive!

This day might well mark a turning point in my life, only God knows that, but it certainly feels significant. And I intend to enjoy every moment of it, as I wait and see what might come next. Thank you for being my ally.

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