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‘BLOG TOUR’ or ‘A newbie’s adventures in publishing land’… Part 11

As I understand it, 1000 or more new words are added to the Oxford English Dictionary every year. Language changes, and new words and phrases find their way surreptitiously into our vocabulary, and often these are indicators of wider societal changes. So after more than a year of the pandemic, many new words or new meanings of existing words have become normal and common place, and no doubt have already made their way into the OED; ‘Lockdown’, ‘furlough’, ‘self-isolation’, ‘break- out rooms’, ‘zoomed out’ to name but a few.

What I didn’t appreciate upon entering the world of writers and publishing, was that I would have to learn a whole new vocabulary here too – ‘blurbs’, ‘bios’, ‘marketing tools’, ‘email sign-up’, ‘WIP’ (you wouldn’t believe how long it took me to actually work out what those initials stood for! 😊) So today I am going to introduce you to another of those new words/phrases – new, both because of the current situation, and because of my new author status – and it is ‘blog tour.’

What is a ‘blog tour’? Well, again I have been learning on the hoof here, but my understanding is that it is a nifty way of getting your book some widespread publicity leading up to it’s publication date. In different times a new author, supported by others, might be invited to do a book tour – signings in book shops, talks and presentations – anything to introduce as many people as possible to your work, and hopefully generate sales! As the restrictions of the pandemic made that impossible, so in the publishing world the ‘blog tour’ idea began to appear.

There are many bloggers out there in cyber land. People who write to inform, inspire and entertain others, and who gather followers. I am privileged to know some wonderful bloggers through the amazing world of the ACW (Association of Christian Writers) and some of those lovely, kind people have signed up to be a part of my blog tour. Every day, from 11th March, and up to the day after publication on 19th, one of them will blog about The Healing. Some of these blogs will be a straightforward review of my book (which they have all read!). Others will take the form of author interviews, or focus on a particular theme from the book. One will be a guest blog written by yours truly. I have seen sneak previews of some of them and I am thrilled with the variety and warmth of writing. So very thankful for their support in this.

So here I am announcing my fabulous blog tour and inviting you to be a part of it. I will post the links to the blogs on my social media each day – they won’t be overlong reads – and I would love it if you read the blogs, and like and comment on them if you feel able to. This will support the bloggers who have graciously given of their time and energy to do this for me.

One word that will never change it’s meaning for me, whatever else changes? ‘Blessed’! That is not just how I feel as I navigate this publishing adventure. It is the reality. I am so blessed.

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The Healing will be officially published by Instant Apostle on 19th March 2021.

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