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Tomorrow we will be in church, worshipping God. I love to sing, I love music, and I particularly love worshipping with others. It is amazing to think that as we join together tomorrow we will be joining with God lovers all over this planet, and with heaven itself in worshipping Him. But worship isn’t just for Sundays! And of course, it isn’t just singing.


The other character in Luke 2 who knew a bit about waiting was Anna. Luke 2 v 36-38 tells us that Anna was a widow, and well on in years. It is not clear from the text whether she had been a widow for 84 years (which would have made her at least 105 years old!) or 84 years old. Whatever, it is clear that she had been alone for a long, long time. Married young and having been married for only 7 years, Anna knew what it meant to struggle in life. I can imagine she had experienced grief, despair, hopelessness, loneliness and frustration.

But by the time she met Jesus in the Temple, she had become known for one thing … she never left the Temple. Anna chose to devote her life to worship, prayer and fasting. Her life had taken on a new meaning. Because she had made that choice, she got to experience the most amazing of encounters in the Temple. She gazed on the face of God Himself in human form, she saw her promised Messiah.


Wherever we are in life, if we are happy and content, or if we are struggling and are waiting for the fulfilment of His promises in our life, we can learn from Anna, and from the Psalmist in Psalm 42 v 5.

Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him’ (NKJV)

For no matter what, I will still sing with praise, for living before His face is my saving grace’(TPT)

We need to make that choice to worship God no matter what. And worship can be as simple as just turning our attention to Him, and telling Him how amazing He is. We don’t just worship God because of what He has done for us, He is deserving of our worship just because of who He is.

When we choose to worship, despair is broken off us, and hope restored. Worship strengthens our spirits, souls and bodies, and deepens our connection with the Promise giver because we were created to worship Him. The most miraculous of truths is this … as we worship, heaven moves on our behalf, and the fulfilment of the promise moves ever nearer.

Joy Margetts is new to blogging, and new to being published. Her debut novel ‘The Healing‘ was published by Instant Apostle on 19 March 2021. A work of historic fiction, set in medieval
Wales against the backdrop of Cistercian abbey life, it is also a story of faith, hope and God’s redemptive power.
Joy has also self- published a short novella, ‘The Beloved‘ as both a companion to ‘The Healing‘, and as an easy to read standalone story, which is available to buy on Amazon Kindle.

The Pilgrim‘, her second full length novel, will be published by Instant Apostle in July 2022

More information on Joy and her writing, and links to purchase her books can be found here

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