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We are back in the book of Zechariah today. Another picture of the Messiah found in the book of Zechariah is in 3 : 8, ‘I am bringing forth My servant the Branch’, God declares.

In Jeremiah 23 : 5 we read that the branch will be a ‘branch of righteousness’ and from ‘David’. Isaiah 11:1 also describes this ‘branch’, this ‘shoot from the stem of Jesse’.


When we think of a branch we might picture the branch of a tree, but the meaning here is more like a sprout of new growth with the potential to become a strong branch. If a great tree like an oak is felled and a stump left, with it’s roots still in the ground, there is the potential for a new branch to begin to sprout and grow from it. The stump or stem in this case is the kingly line of David and his father Jesse, and the branch that will sprout from it a new and glorious King. Although a King not born in a palace but in a Bethlehem stable.

The prophets Zechariah, Isaiah and Jeremiah were speaking at a time when the Kingdom of Israel was disintegrating and suffering under a succession of evil and godless kings. The promise was for a King who would have a reign of righteousness; like David the great King who had once ruled a great Israel. But this new King’s reign would even surpass that of David’s.


The features of this King and His reign are described in Isaiah 11:1-10. Full of the Spirit and wisdom, fully submitted to God, and delighting in Him, the branch King will reign with righteousness, justice, faithfulness and compassion. His reign (Kingdom) will see the lion lying down with the lamb, and the earth full of the knowledge of God. Gentiles (the nations) will seek Him and His kingdom.

This is our Jesus, the King whose reign has begun but will come into its fullness in eternity, when the heavens and earth are made new, and sin and death, evil and darkness will have no longer have any power.

Is Jesus King in your life? He is righteous and trustworthy.

The tree will bear fruit again. We have seen it so many times before to know that it is true. Spring always follows winter. While the tree lives, even through the winter, then there is hope that it will flourish again when spring comes. So it is with us. We are sometimes defined, and altered, by the hard things that life throws at us, but we can learn to even appreciate the winter seasons. It is often in those hard times that God is doing the deepest and most important things inside of us, to prepare us for the more fruitful seasons of our lives that will inevitably follow. Our responsibility is to make sure our roots are deep and grounded in truth. In God, and what He says.’

THE HEALING pp 34-35

Joy Margetts is a published author and blogger. Her books are works of Christian Historical fiction. Set in medieval Wales against the backdrop of Cistercian abbey life, they tell stories of faith, hope and God’s redemptive power. Her debut novel ‘The Healing‘ was published by Instant Apostle on 19 March 2021. Joy has also self- published a short novella, ‘The Beloved‘ as both a companion to ‘The Healing‘, and as an easy to read standalone story, which is available to buy on Amazon Kindle.

The Pilgrim‘, her second full length novel, was published by Instant Apostle on 22 July 2022

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