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Front cover of the book 'Friend of God' featuring a woman in silhouette, standing on a hill gazing at a night sky, with a purple background.

Friend of God is subtitled ‘The miraculous life of an ordinary person’. What brave debut author Rachel Yarworth has done has poured herself into the pages of this book. It is her own story of a life of friendship with God. Written in response to what she describes as a call on her life to ‘make God known’. Her desire in writing this book is to describe the ‘incredible love, goodness, kindness and amazing friendship of God’ to her readers. To show through her life stories what an incredible God He is.

The book does that. Searingly honest in places, it is not all miracles and blessings, Rachel has been through some difficult things too. Where God hasn’t worked the miracle in an instant, but has proved faithful in His presence and provision. But then there are the miracles that inspire our faith. The supernatural, unexplainable protection of her and her infant son during an incident that could have killed them both. The babies born naturally after years of infertility. The healings seen and experienced.


Rachel’s story begins with a simple encounter with God in her childhood. Her understanding of God was naïve  – she did not grow up in a home where He was known. It was only after difficult teenage years, marked with rebellion and the desperate search for acceptance, and as she entered young adulthood, that she met other Christians. Then her understanding blossomed into accepting that the Father God who loved her was also her Saviour. And He wanted her whole life, which she gave willingly.


Each chapter of the book is a glimpse into Rachel’s life journey with God. I love that each chapter is ended with a ‘But God’ statement. These are sometimes celebratory

‘The doctors said we could not have babies naturally…

But God gave them to us supernaturally’

And sometimes heart-breaking and yet faith affirming,

‘I was completely devastated…

But God healed my broken heart in an instant’

These ‘But God’ statements resonated with me, as they reflect my own journey with God. We often mess up, or find ourselves in situations beyond out control. Or in places of confusion and pain. But God is always there, always faithful, always merciful and compassionate. And when we look back at our lives, as Rachel has, we can see over and over how God has come through for us.


Image of back cover of the book 'Friend of God' with blurb

There is pain as well as joy in the pages of this book. I was particularly touched by how God ministered to Rachel after the loss of her babies. The first time the grief was played out over many, many months, but in a process that deepened Rachel’s reliance on God, and her understanding of His love for her. The second time the healing process happened almost instantly after she received prayer. She rejoices in both. And this spoke to me. How often we want the instant healing, the immediate relief, when God wants us to journey it through with us. To teach us more about Himself and His heart towards us. To deepen our friendship with Him.

I enjoyed this book and was pleased to be able to review it for Rachel. She has done a very brave thing as a debut author in publishing her own story, and I really do hope it reaches the people God wants it to. If I have one, very small apprehension about the book, it is that Rachel talks a lot about hearing directly from God, which may be something some readers struggle to relate to. I believe it is possible to hear God speak personally to us, but His written Word is the failsafe we always need to go back to, to test what we have heard. God never contradicts Himself.

All in all Friend of God is a lovely faith building book. If you want to be encouraged, go get yourself a copy! Thank you Rachel for sharing your life with God, with us.

I no longer call you slaves, because a master doesn’t confide in his slaves. Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father told me.

John 15:15 NLT

Image of the author, Rachel Yarworth

‘Friend of God’ by Rachel Yarworth, ISBN 978-1739257705 RRP £8.99 Paperback, £ 2.99 Kindle (free on KU) available to purchase through AMAZON here

For more from Rachel, visit her personal blog here

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