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BOOK REVIEW: UNASHAMED by Tracy Williamson

Unashamed: Discover the Healing Power of God’s Love for Your Wounded Soul

Image of front cover of Unashamed. It is a deep indigo colour with gold text and butterflies.

What a privilege it has been to be able to read a pre-publication version of this beautiful book and to have been asked to be part of the team to help launch it into the world. It is published today, 8th September 2023, by Authentic Media.

In Unashamed Tracy has done something truly brave, in opening up her heart and sharing her own story with us. This book is a declaration – that God can take us with all of our messes, and can minister to us, heal us, and redeem us. So that we can stand unashamed – of who we might have been, of who we are now, of what might have been done to us, of what we are still tempted to do. God has an answer for all of the things that we hold as questions over our own lives.  Do I have any worth? Do I have anything to give? Can I walk free of my past? Can I walk into my future leaving my shame, guilt and offense behind me? Does God really have a plan and a purpose for me?

Tackling Big Issues

Endorsement from Patrick Regan: This could be one of the most important books you have ever read. Understanding its message will be life transforming.

Tracy takes us gently through some big issues in this book. Themes surrounding identity, despair, shame, fear, unforgiveness, the power of words, and how God responds to each of these things with a call to sonship. Each chapter is framed around her own experiences of God’s redemptive work in her life. Some of the things she shares are hard to read, as she reveals the pain of her past. But then she talks of God – His loving pursuit of her, and the way He revealed Himself to her. Step by step bringing healing and freedom into her life.

Depth and Insight

The book is a smorgasbord of delights. Alongside Tracy’s own story are the stories of others, beautiful meditations on the word of God, examples of God’s miracle working power through Tracy and Marilyn’s ministry, prophetic pictures, questions and prayers for reflection, and poems and modern day parables from the author’s own hand. It is not a book to be read quickly. There is so much depth and insight and encouragement on every page. It can be read straight through but I think its true worth is in slow meditative reading, and in prayerfully applying the truths it shares to our own lives and experience.

Unashamed and honest

I said before that Tracy has been brave in writing this book, unashamed to share where she has been and where God has brought her to. Her integrity, openness and compassion shines through. Long years in ministry have qualified her to speak hope into broken lives. Her own experiences of God have qualified her to speak of His amazing love and power to heal and restore. It cost her to write this book, but God’s hand is all over it. I believe it will become a powerful tool in bringing freedom to many.

Image combines a picture of the book cover alongside a 3D red heart that is cracked in pieces, on a glossy black background

Creator Without Apology

The book opens with a beautiful personal poem, ‘Creator without Apology’. It spoke deeply to me, and sums up the message of Unashamed. In it the author marvels at the beauty and intricacy of creation, all that reflects back on the Creator’s beauty, and in that can only see herself as some kind of mistake. And yet God speaks, and He says ‘In as far as these things reflect my beauty, They are nothing compared to you’. Why? because as beautiful as flowers and leaves and trees are, they cannot walk and talk, and be joined in love with Him. Still the author questions her own insufficiencies, and God has to come back again and re-iterate His design for her life, ‘Child don’t let your wounds blind you to the artist, And limit the richness of my creativity’. The Creator will not, cannot, apologise for making us just as we are. His creativity goes beyond the things we see as limitations in our lives; He can, and delights to, make us into beautiful and glorious reflections of Himself.

Unashamed to be me

How often do we carry so much shame or lack of self worth, that we cannot hear what the Father whispers over us, we cannot accept that He sees us as beautiful, and gifted, and having purpose in Him? This book leads us on that path of acceptance. The freedom to be and live as the person He designed us to be. Alive in Him and in love with Him. Unashamed to be exactly who He created us to be.

Photo of the author, Tracy Williamson.

The author: Tracy Williamson lives in the South East with her ministry partner Marilyn Baker. Working for MBM Trust they lead conferences, renewal days , concerts and church events. Their vision is to see lives restores through intimacy with God.

Copies of the book can be purchased direct from the author here. Or from Eden Books, or Amazon, or via all good Christian Bookshops.

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