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Front cover image of Oliver's Secret showing a black and white cat with  a frame of green leaves

Eleanor Watkins has written over 45 books, very many of them for children and young adults, so I was honoured to be asked to be a part of the blog tour launch of her latest book for 6-8 year olds, ‘Oliver’s Secret’. If I still had school-age children at home, I would love to be able to introduce them to the books of Eleanor Watkins. I’m sure they would enjoy her storytelling with a gentle faith message, as much as I enjoyed this one. I was pleased to be asked to review her latest book, and you don’t have to have small children to enjoy a book written for children, now do you?

God answers Prayer?

Image of back of Oliver's Secret with synposis.

Oliver’s Secret introduces us to Claire and her family. Claire is lonely. She has moved with her family not only to a new home, but also to an entirely new country where she knows no-one. She has left her friends and all that is comforting and familiar behind. Claire is worried about very many things: about whether she will make new friends, about how her new school and church will be. But most of all she would love a pet, specifically a cat, of her own. Especially as the house her family have moved into has a built in cat flap. So Claire prays and asks God for a cat. Almost immediately, and to her great surprise, a large black and white fluffy cat meanders through the cat flap, and quickly infiltrates himself, both into Claire’s heart and her family’s home.

Learning important things

Over the next few weeks, as she makes new friends and starts her new school, Claire has to learn some important things. That friendship has to be worked at and everybody has secret fears. That God doesn’t always answer prayer in the way we want Him to. That sometimes we have to make difficult decisions and do the right thing, even when it hurts. And most of all – that cats like to wander, and that they keep very big secrets!

Line illustration of a little girl curled up with a cat on a sofa

Oliver’s Secret is a great story with characters and animals that children will love. It is produced to be dyslexic friendly, and also beautifully illustrated by Josh Williams. It contains a mystery as well – what exactly is Oliver’s secret and what will Claire and her new friend Eliza do when they find it out?

There are helpfully some questions at the back of the book, designed to make the reader think more deeply about the things Claire experiences. A great resource for family or Sunday school discussion.

It is a truly lovely book with a faith-filled message, and I can warmly recommend it. Even if I am more of a dog person myself!

Image of the author, Eleanor Watkins

Oliver’s Secret by Eleanor Watkins is published by Dernier Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-912457-43-4 / £7.99 It is widely available in bookshops and online, or via the publisher’s website at

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