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For the month of December I am planning to post short blog thoughts twice weekly. These will hopefully get our hearts and minds ready for Christmas. I love this time of year. I love Advent, and I love Christmas. And whatever is going on in the world today, the wonder of this time of year is there for us all to grasp a hold of, if we choose to. I hope you will be encouraged to get excited in the waiting, as you follow along with me.

Image of a traditionally advent calendar

What does the first day of December mean for you? I guess for some it could mean an increase in panic and stress. A nudge to start to get organised with the realisation that Christmas with all its demands is rapidly approaching. For some I expect it will pass as a day like any other day. For some, I hope there is the slightest of stirrings of excitement and anticipation as we begin the countdown of these last few weeks of waiting to celebrate Christmas. Let’s face it, for some, today has just been the satisfaction of knowing that it is the one time of year that it is perfectly acceptable to eat chocolate every day for breakfast! (Have you got your Advent Calendar?)


The word ‘Advent’ means ‘arrival’, more specifically ‘the arrival of a notable person or thing’. Isaiah 9 v 6-7 describes the attributes of the notable person that arrived just over 2000 years on that first Christmas.

Image of text of Isaiah 9 v 6

One of the titles given Him is ‘Prince of ‘Peace’. Jesus was peace, the peace that calmed the storm and the peace that set captives free from torment. He said “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you” (John 14 v 27).


You know He has never taken that gift of peace back from us? We however can do a very good job of replacing the peace with other things!

A Christmas tree ornament that spells out the word peace

His peace is always accessible, and it only takes a moment to focus our attention on Him, even amongst the stress, worry and busyness. Why don’t we purpose this Advent to ask Him to keep our hearts and minds in a place of peace, whatever is going on in our lives. His peace is rest, even when our bodies are tired and resources stretched. It keeps us grounded and focussed on what is really important. Every day (perhaps as you reach to open that little door) pray this: ‘God, thank you for your gift of peace in Jesus, may it rule over my heart and mind today.’

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