THE JOYS OF WRITING: The Treasure Man by Joy Vee

I am going to take the opportunity today to recommend a book to you that’s not my own. Joy Vee and I have some things in common. Yes, we share the same first name! Well spotted😊 But beyond that, we are both writers, both wrote our first book last year, and both have had the amazing privilege to be signed for publication by Instant Apostle. We also both love God, love His word and believe that our books are much more than just nice stories. The Treasure Man, like The Healing, carries spiritual truths that are potentially life transforming, and is most definitely God inspired.

The Treasure Man is written for children, but it speaks to all ages. The story centres around Sienna and her two brothers. It is sensitively told, appropriate to the age it is written for and doesn’t gloss over the real- life issues of broken families, single parent struggles, or indeed homelessness. It is through the family’s interaction with a homeless man (known by them as ‘the treasure man’) and the involvement of a godly and fun- loving Sunday school teacher that important lessons are learnt.

How do you think God sees you? Do you believe that you are a treasure in His sight? Do you believe there is treasure to be found in others, whoever they appear to be on the surface?

Do you hear from God? Does He speak to you? How do you know that it is Him speaking? And what do you do with what you have heard?

Do you have child-like faith, and are you prepared to step out and see what God will do with that faith? Do you believe in the power of prayer?

The Treasure Man addresses all these questions and more. It is a beautifully told, engaging story that is hard to put down, but it is also an amazing resource to teach our children, and ourselves, some fundamental truths. The book is written as twenty-four short chapters, and at the end of the book there are questions posed by the author, one for each chapter. It would make a great resource for family devotions, Sunday school classes or holiday clubs, among other things.

The ending of The Treasure Man is truly uplifting. We need the powerful truths this little book explores, both to instruct our children, and to speak to our own hearts, in these times perhaps more than ever before.

God loves us, and thinks we are amazing. God speaks and wants us to hear Him. He can use us to bring transformational change to the lives of others. Even to those who live on the fringes of society and go unnoticed.

The Treasure Man is available online via Amazon or Waterstones, but also direct from the author who can be contacted through her website www.joyvee.org . She would be delighted to hear from you.

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